PWM Control with the Pumps of Marco 1

The Marco pumps with the standard brush holder cannot be driven by a PWM because the EMI filter is mounted in the standard brush holder and this filter is not compatible with the PWM.

All pumps can be ordered with the PWM brush holder (without the EMI filter). The minimum order quantity for this version is 12 pieces.

If less pieces are needed, we can supply the standard pump together with the PWM brush holder as a spare part, or we can remove the EMI filter from your new pump.

The customer can replace the brush holder himself or can order the pump without EMI filter (the cost of removing the EMI filter is 29,- Euro incl. VAT).

Please note:

To replace the brush holder, you must completely disassemble and reassemble your pump.

If you do not wish to perform this task, please order the pump without the EMI filter and we will be happy to do it for you.

Here you can find the instructions for disassembling and assembling the pump:

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